Introducing New Phrenology x TSB

"New Phrenology exists to design artful and free-spirited bridal veils. We embrace a ceremonial tradition and turn it into a modern ritual of self expression. New Phrenology is about making women feel alive. We are driven by curiosity and inspired by the mind as an endless source of love and creativity."

Today we welcomed Canadian based designer, New Phrenology to Twelve South, and we couldn't be more excited about it!

Like us, New Phrenology's purpose for creating is to reveal the inner attitude of the bride herself. Each veil is a labour of love designed to inspire self expression, & to empower women to embrace where they come from.

For some brides, choosing a wedding veil is strongly sentimental; a symbol of family tradition, or something they wish to pass down to their children. We fell in love with the craftsmanship & quality of New Phrenology, & knew that these were one-of-a-kind 'investment' pieces; which would make beautiful heirlooms.

As creatives, we couldn't imagine wearing any else on our big day - and hope that New Phrenology will resonate with our brides in the same way that it has with us!

We think that veils are the ultimate ‘finishing touch’ to any bridal look; and that just like any good accessory- it’s all in how you style them! We’re a little obsessed with pairing a statement veil to a simple gown, (like this stylish duo below by Catherine R Couture); but can also appreciate the beauty of a simple tulle veil against an intricate gown! Having trouble matching a veil to your gown? Come and visit us in the boutique and we’d be delighted to help you style your look from head to toe!.

A selection of pieces will be available to try at the boutique from April. Each piece is handmade to order, and takes 4-6 weeks to be delivered. Orders can be placed via our online shop - or in person.

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Twelve South x

Secret Garden Wildflowers Veil
Bloom X Alli Koch
Bloom X Alli Koch Outline
Salt Crystals - Gold
Bloom X Alli Koch - Organza