A gown crafted to compliment
your personality, just as
much as figure...

From modern minimalism to the dramatically detailed, our handpicked range of designers are a celebration of effortless sophistication and contemporary chic.

Designed in Cape Town SA, each gown is tailor made from luxurious silks and satins and encapsulates the mysticism and beauty of the flower it is named after. 


A 100% female team from South Africa, which values the slow fashion movement and maintains ethical production practices. Each show stopping gown is individually handmade.

For the bride who is not afraid to take a step away from traditional wedding fashion. Esty balances modern elements with effortless style, entirely handmade in Europe.

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New York based designer, Jenny Yoo has been an innovator in the Bridal industry for nearly two decades. Her modern, yet elegant, designs emphasise her philosophy that one must evolve with the footsteps of today’s changing times.

Auckland based designer Kelly Lin designs handcrafted wedding gowns for the elegant, modern and timeless bride.


Brisbane based designer Jack Sullivan reflects a combination of old-fashioned elegance and modern-day playfulness.

Melbourne based couturier Catherine Shepherd has over 25 years experience in the industry. Each dress is handmade in her Melbourne studio.

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Canadian based designer Ofrenda designs artful and free-spirited bridal veils for the contemporary bride.

A gown as one of a kind as the woman wearing it.